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For over 20 years Wyvern has set the standard for air charter operators around the globe. 


Over the past 3 years I've worked with Wyvern to develop their global brand strategy around their commitment to safety. Beginning with their need to redefine a premier product, the Wyvern Wingman, I built a trusting relationship with the marketing and leadership team. 



“FZ Media has been able to translate our company’s products, personality, and vision into an integrated set of forward-thinking media tools. From engineering our corporate re-branding to developing an interactive sales app to creating dynamic pages for our website, FZ is an integral part of how Wyvern does business and a partner in our success.”
— Michelle Dina, Marketing Coordinator, Wyvern ltd.

Icon Library

When phrases like "Flight Risk Assesment" and "TWR Due Diligence" are in your industry jargon, that can get boring quick.
A set of custom illustrations were created to breath life into Wyvern's written marerials.