Lettering / Analog Meduim / Self Initiated

Sometimes the most satisfying things we create, we create for no reason at all.


You sit. Your silent eyes burn in the hazy glow of your iMac. Your tinnitus rings into the foreground of consciousness and you realized it's been 4 hours since you meant to get up to pee. 

You need a break.

They say people that paint experience an increase in their emotional intelligence level. Allowing your emotions to come out in painting helps you understand your own emotional state and realize which factors contribute to your varying moods.

Experimenting with different painting forms helps you understand what triggers feelings such as happiness, sadness, love, or anger. Often, the emotions you feel when creating this work project onto the people that view your paintings. What does it mean for me? When I paint, I find myself striving to mimic a vector application. 


“In an attempt to get my butt off the computer in 2014, I’ve begun a painted number project. It’s slow going as time for regaining my painting skill is scarce, but it’s a fun, productive, and almost meditative hobby for the time being.”