By nature, we are designers.

A creative portfolio of Interaction Design, Lettering, Illustration, and Brand Strategy ~ We proudly perch at the eclectic intersection of modern design thinking and old-world tenacity.

Founded by designer Adam Trageser, Two Left Lettering Company - Two Left Co. for short - is a boutique design studio lovingly settled in the heart of Philadelphia. Since 2012, Two Left Co. has worked to empower brands through design thinking and the inclusive process of applicable creativity. 

Everyone has the capacity to think like a designer, and we believe it's our duty to foster that intrinsic creativity in our clients and peers alike.

We don't think of design as a product or service, but as the connection between humans – A communicative tool with the power to move one another to action, laughter, reflection, and tears.


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Trendy design is great, and we're no stranger to experimentation. However, using new ideas to build on proven concepts makes for exceptional design.

Quality and longevity are our founding principles, reminding us that there's no substitute for the accessibility of a product designed to be functional above all. 


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From raw ideas to finished products, every aspect of our work is made here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That doesn't mean you have to though.


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